Your child’s safety is our priority at all times, but especially now during the Covid-19 outbreak, Move Dance and Tumbling  is committed to promoting the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and the community.

We are currently holding classes in-studio, but in accordance with current guidelines from the Utah Health Department, we have implemented several safety precautions:

  1. Please help us keep parents or non-students to a minimum inside the studio.  If you don’t need to come in for a specific reason, we ask you to not  linger in the waiting rooms or lobby.

  2. We are not requiring that faculty and students wear masks.  Dance and tumbling is a physically demanding exercise and wearing a mask can cause adverse side effects.  That being said, those who would like to wear a mask are welcome to do so.
  3. Drinking fountains will be closed.  Please send your student with their own personal water bottle.
  4. Students must get their temperature taken before heading to class, students with a fever and/or who are not feeling well are not permitted to take class
  5. All students must wash their hands before and after class, barres and any equipment touched during class are disinfected between classes.
  6. If your child is showing any COVID-19 symptoms prior to their class, we ask that you keep them home until they are well to ensure the health of the other students.

Dance and tumbling are hands on activities.  We have found it very hard to keep dancers social distanced, especially young dancers who tend to play and touch one another.   Tumbling is also hands on in that the teacher needs to be able to spot the student in order to teach correct form and maintain safety.  We would like all our parents to understand that we will do our best to keep your kids safe, but by enrolling in a dance or tumbling class you are accepting the fact that coming to a public dance studio or tumbling gym is increasing the risk of a possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.