Utah Tumbling Class Facilities


At Move Tumbling we focus on providing a positive and uplifting environment, where children of every age can develop a love for tumbling. We offer a variety of classes for your current skill level. We believe that tumbling will prepare you for whatever competitive team you are preparing for.



Tumbling Classes for the Body

Children go through many stages of growth, some quickly and some slowly. During these periods of change, they may have trouble doing things they used to be able to do easily, and this can be frustrating. Regular exercise can help children continually retrain their growing bodies, keeping them strong, flexible and agile throughout their elementary, tween and teen years.

Tumbling classes are especially good for children who do not enjoy ball sports or team sports but are still athletic and full of energy. Tumbling classes for kids in Lehi, UT, can channel that energy in a positive way, with our coaches teaching students new and exciting skills they can practice at home in the back yard.

Tumbling Classes for the Mind

Anyone who knows anything about sports knows that the mind plays a big part in how the body performs. While we keep our tumbling classes for kids in Lehi, UT, positive, upbeat and encouraging, we also never lose sight of our goal: teaching our students important skills.

While our students love coming to tumbling classes, at first some feel afraid, discouraged and frustrated. We show them how with effort, they are able to overcome obstacles. And when they reach their first milestone, that’s when we see big smiles.

Move Tumbling is a place where kids can achieve what they never thought possible. Those who may have poor muscle tone, carry extra weight or lack agility learn to overcome these issues. But to do so takes focus and determination. The first time they do a cartwheel or stick a roundoff back handspring, it reinforces the importance of focus, concentration and hard work.

Give your child the skills they need to succeed — sign them up for toddler tumbling classes, beginner tumbling classes, advanced tumbling classes or cheer tumbling classes in Lehi, UT.

About Us…

Move Tumbling is located in Lehi and Highland, Utah. Our experienced staff provides our students with exceptional technical training in various styles of tumbling that will prepare your child for cheer, dance, or any other sport. We offer a variety of classes and levels to fit each of our students. At Move, we strive to help your child to be the best that they can be, on and off the tumbling floor.