Our Highland tumbling classes are organized by age/grade and skill level. We know the key to your child’s success is being in a class where they are comfortable and being pushed to be the best they can be. Once your child has mastered the required skills for a specific level, they will then be able to advance to the next class level (No matter what time of year). By doing this, your child will never feel complacent because they will always be working to advance to a new class.

All children can benefit from tumbling classes in Highland, UT, and the sooner you start your child in our classes, the faster they can progress.

Often, we get calls from parents inquiring about toddler tumbling classes because they believe they see aptitude in their child. They’re early walkers, good balancers and seem to have unusually well-developed coordination.

Parents are right to want to develop this skill early on. A toddler who is aware of where their body is in space has many advantages over others. They are better able to complete certain tasks that involve coordination and spatial awareness and they fall less frequently.

Additionally, toddler tumbling classes help prepare your child to better compete in sports as they grow, whether it’s soccer, basketball, baseball or another sport.

A fact that many parents may be unaware of is that beginner tumbling classes for kids are even more important for a seemingly uncoordinated child. A year or two of tumbling classes can make a world of difference in a child who seems to trip and fall more often or is unable to master the swings or the monkey bars on the playground.

Not only do beginner tumbling classes for kids develop coordination, strength and flexibility, but they also help tremendously with confidence levels. Your child will no longer feel like the klutz of the group. They will execute cartwheels with the type of beautiful precision you may never have thought possible.

Start your child in beginner tumbling classes for kids at any time, and quickly see the difference it makes.

Cheerleading has always been a fun and exciting endeavor, but in the last 25 years, it has become a serious, competitive sport netting the best of the bunch college scholarships. If your child is interested in cheer, you need to sign them up for cheer tumbling classes.

Without the advanced skills needed today to win a cheerleading competition, your child may be left behind — or cut from the team altogether. Cheer, like any other sport, takes practice. Those who expect a spot up front on their squad need to continue to advance and improve. Otherwise, a freshman or sophomore who has been taking tumbling classes in Highland, UT, regularly may end up replacing your child in the lineup.

At Move Tumbling, we prepare cheerleaders for the fiercest competition. Coordination and skill are needed to ace aerials, flips and other stunts, but achieving these benchmarks is only possible by building the necessary strength. Our coaches work with your kids to see to it that they go as far as possible in their sport.

Talk to our team about what level tumbling classes you think your child should be in, and what you hope your child will get out of tumbling classes for kids. Your child’s level is merely a launching point — from there, they only advance.


First, follow the first chart below to determine their class level. All skills listed must be mastered in order to move up a level.

BRONZE Handstand, cartwheel, forward roll, backward roll, backbend kickover, and arch backbend from standing.
SILVER Back walkover, front walkover, round-off, bad side cartwheel, one handed cartwheel, and backward roll push up.
GOLD Back handspring, front handspring, round off back handspring, double round off back handspring, and good side aerial.
ELITE Standing double back handspring, good side aerial, round off back tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, front walkover back handspring, standing tuck with a spot.
PLATINUM Must be evaluated by a tumbling director, Standing back tuck, standing double handspring back tuck, Roundoff back handspring layout, Round off back handspring full, Front aerial, Front tuck

Then, use the following class charts to find a class based on their grade for the 2021-2022 school year. Other classes will be opened as needed.