Tumbling Classes for Kids in Lehi

Tumbling classes are a great way for kids to gain strength and flexibility as well as get the exercise they need to grow strong and healthy. At Move Tumbling, we offer tumbling classes for toddlers all the way up through high school. Give your child every opportunity to succeed by enrolling them in tumbling classes for kids in Highland, UT.

Why Tumbling Classes Are Good for Toddlers

From the time a child learns to walk on their own, they spend many hours a day practicing balance and spatial awareness, though they (and probably even you) may not realize it. These skills come to some children easier than others.

While some parents seek out toddler tumbling classes in Highland because they see potential in their child who may show unusual talent early on in climbing, jumping, balancing and other large motor skills, other parents contact us because they are concerned their child is behind in this area.

Toddler tumbling classes can help. Our coaches take parents and students through a series of exercises and skills designed to increase children’s gross motor skills. You will see the difference in your child after only a short period of time.

Benefits of Tumbling Classes for Kids

If you have a child in elementary school who has never taken a tumbling class for kids, now is the time to start. Children who show a natural talent for tumbling, including advanced balance, coordination, strength and focus, can get a lot out of an organized tumbling class for kids in Highland, UT. They may even go on to join a competitive team.

Some parents worry because their children seem a little behind with their gross motor skills. They may trip and fall more than other children and have trouble jumping rope, riding a bike or catching a ball. You may think the last thing this type of child would want would be tumbling classes. However, tumbling classes for kids can actually help improve these issues.

Our coaches work with students to improve their agility, flexibility, endurance and strength. Not every child is born with the skills they need to sail through life — many must be learned and body awareness is one of them.

Cheer Tumbling Classes

Move Tumbling offers tumbling classes for beginner to advanced level students through high school, and we also offer cheer tumbling classes specifically geared toward teaching students the skills they need to compete on cheerleading teams.

Cheerleading has been a respected collegiate sport for more than 20 years and is expected to become an Olympic sport in 2028. If your child shows an interest in this area, with the proper training, they may even get a college scholarship.

We teach cheerleaders — and aspiring cheerleaders — the skills they need to make the team, compete at top levels and even qualify for the Olympics.

Tumbling Classes in Highland, UT

Whether your child is advanced, intermediate or a beginner with tumbling, we have a spot for them at Move Tumbling. In tumbling classes, kids learn skills they can use throughout their lifetimes. Sign up for tumbling classes for kids online today, or contact our coaches for more information.